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The Heritage Ensemble Theatre Company




"The Heritage Ensemble Theatre Company has been chosen as a Contributing Partner Award recipient by Chesterfield CSB / Department of Mental Health Support Services...  "this program has improved the quality of life for our individuals by providing them an opportunity to experience the joy of theater, life issues, cultural diversity and assisted with fostering an understanding of family relationships as well as social connections."

~Chesterfield Community Services Board

Dream Seller and the Forest Dwellers

Written by: Jerry Maple Jr.  

Directed By: Margarette Joyner

"The spunky cast turns in uniformly enjoyable performances, engaging the audience with confidence and joy. They all sing well, while keyboardist Keith Wallace provides subdued but able accompaniment. Director Shanea N. Taylor has staged the show with a lively energy, taking advantage of the entire space and the cast's natural talent. Costume Designer Margarette Joyner has created a delightful entourage of fanciful, inventive costumes."

-Jerry Williams

"...director Shanea N. Taylor keeps the show’s energy level boiling throughout, and her terrific actors — aided by Keith Wallace’s musical numbers and Margarette Joyner’s top-flight costuming — never let their hopped-up animal personas..."

~Tony Farrell


Written by: Judi Ann Mason 

Directed By: d. l. Hopkins

One critic states that:

"Sharalyn Garrard grabs the most laughs in the role of the sassy Big Mama."

-Richmond Magazine 


Another states:

"Garrard is consistently funny, tossing off sarcasm..."

-Julinda D. Lewis

Message From A Slave

Written By: Alice Childress

Directed By: d. l.. Hopkins

"Message From a Slave is deceptively simple in structure but delivers a powerful message." 

~Richmond Times Dispatch


"This one-woman show exhibits the considerable talent of Pamela Archer-Shaw. She is an effective storyteller with an open, comfortable style and affecting emotional range. 

~TVJerry Sifter


Wine in the Wilderness

Written By: Alice Childress

Directed By: d. l.. Hopkins

" [The] Heritage Ensemble Theatre Company has done a remarkable job bringing “Wine in the Wilderness” to life....'Wine in the Wilderness' is a story worth experiencing."

-Julinda Lewis Richmond Times Dispatch


"Hopkins has managed to keep the energy flowing thru much of the show..."

-TVJerry Sifter

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